Actually, Can You Buy Medicines from Online Pharmacies?

The presence of various types of online pharmacies is very helpful and facilitates your daily activities. Now, even now you can buy medicines, supplements, or medical devices through online pharmacies such as Canada Drugs Direct. By buying drugs from online pharmacies, you can indeed find the desired type of medicine without leaving the house. But before you buy drugs online, you should first consider the explanation from the following experts.

  1. Authenticity

Even though the medicine you buy is exactly the same packaging, you cannot be sure whether the product is truly genuine. Or the medicine you receive is actually different from what you ordered, but you don’t realize it because you can’t check it directly before confirming the order.

  1. Cleanliness and storage

Because you don’t directly visit the drugstore that is ordered, you cannot judge whether the pharmacy is clean and reliable. As a result, you don’t know how the medicines at the pharmacy are stored. It may be that the storage is not careful, such as being exposed to direct sunlight, getting very humid air, or having been stored for too long. Remember, the effect of the drug will disappear if it is not stored properly.

  1. When shipping

When the drug is delivered, it may happen that the unwanted things happen without you knowing. For example, if the drug is stored in a very hot motorbike seat. This risk causing the drug to lose its benefits to your body.

  1. Drug consultation

Meeting directly with the pharmacist will be a good opportunity to educate about the drugs you consume. Pharmacists will usually give clear recommendations about the use of drugs, side effects, or contraindications that may arise. If you buy online, you cannot consult. For example, whether your medication may be consumed together with other types of drugs.

  1. Form and appearance of the medicine

If you buy a prescription medication, you may not know exactly what the medicine looks like. As a result, when the drug sent turns out to be different than it should be because it is wrong, you may not realize it.

  1. Official permission

Some online drug stores may include the name of the pharmacy that provides medicine. However, the pharmacy may not have authorized permission from the local health office.

Which must be considered before buying drugs in the application

You should immediately see a doctor if you have complaints about health. After that, you can redeem the prescription or buy medicines that are recommended by the doctor at the pharmacy who has obtained official permission from the health department. However, if you really want to buy drugs online, consider the following:

  • Do not buy drugs at online stores that are not trusted and do not list drugstore pharmacies.
  • Don’t buy prescription drugs at online stores that don’t ask for your original recipe.
  • Don’t buy drugs at online stores that don’t provide contact numbers or customer service.
  • If you have complaints or certain health conditions, you should first check with a healthcare center before buying drugs online. Medications that are purchased may not match your condition and body.
  • Check the price of the drug in the online store and compare it to the price on the market. If the price is much cheaper than the market price, you should be suspicious.
  • After receiving the ordered medication, check again whether the medication is correct.
  • Do not take drugs that have been received from online drug stores if you doubt the authenticity of the product, packaging feasibility, or expiration date.