How to Safely Store Client Credit Card Details

Nearly no week passes without bad news of a data breach where confidential customer credit card data landed in the hacker’s hands. So as a company owner and holder of an account with a processor, it’s wise to always take steps to protect your clients’ sensitive info.

Regularly check your Software and Hardware

Test out with your processing service company to verify that all the programs and equipment you use, as well as your fixed terminal, Smartphone card-reading software comply with PCI regulations. Ensure the hardware you utilize is an authentic PIN transaction security device and all software is valid and up-to-date.

Safeguard Paper Records & Encrypt Storages

For some cases such as worldpay review, mail order or recurring businesses, you’ll need to keep electronic data or a hard copy of all transactions. Always lock up any physical records in a secure location, and encrypt all electronic data. If unsure of how to do this, seek Encryption services from PCI DSS-certified experts.

Avoid Storing Very Sensitive data

Often, rules from credit card processors forbid merchants from keeping records of valuable info like security codes or any “track data” held on the magnetic strip of the credit card. And for any paper approval forms you wish to store, ensure to erase the CVV code or 3- or 4-digit security code using a dark pen to make it impossible to read.

Encrypt all Recorded Phone Conversations

Merchants who take client orders via phone and have the conversations recorded for order tracking or quality control reasons should worry about their growing database of consumer credit card info. So when encrypting your electronic data, be sure to have these recordings encrypted as well. Have them kept in a password-guarded directory to protect against breaches or misuse. Also, do away with any software in your system that may allow cybercriminals transfer confidential credit card data through text-to-speech tech.


Protecting your buyer’s valuable credit card details is not only a requirement from payment processors but also a proactive move a business can take to safeguard itself and its clients.

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