Pokemon GO and Hack for Android/iOS /iPhone

Usage When you open the app first thing you have to decide is the place you want to be the most. For me it’s in my hometown and Santa Monica Pier. Look up the coordinates of the place you want to be and teleport to those coordinates BEFORE you login on the hacked PoGo. Now you can freely walk around and do whatever you want, whilst you’re actually just sitting at home 😀

Download both Cydia Impactor and the latest tweaked IPA (see the link in #announcements).

If you have the original Pokemon Go app on your iOS device, remove it from your device. if you are jailbroken, ensure that LocationFaker9 is deleted and not installed.

Connect your iOS device to your computer. Your computer must have iTunes installed. If your computer is not trusted by your device, you should get a prompt to do so – select Trust.

Open the Cydia Impactor program, and ensure that the correct iOS device is selected in the drop-down menu.

Click and drag the tweaked IPA you downloaded onto Cydia Impactor. It should prompt you for your Apple ID and password, and ask for permission to start signing the IPA.

Once the tweaked IPA is signed, you should see it on your device, but it should not work immediately.

On your iOS device, open settings, and navigate to General > Device Management / Profiles / Profiles & Device Management. You should see the Apple ID you used to sign the IPA. Click on it and select the option to trust the ID. You should now be able to used the tweaked IPA.

Please note that you will need to repeat steps 3 to 5 every seven days.


When you want certain Pokemon you can go to sites as and pokesnipers.org, there will be coordinates of all kinds of pokemon. When you teleport to these coordinates, what you wanna do is just teleport there, wait for the pokemon to spawn, click on it and BEFORE you do anything you teleport back to the last place where you were. Now you can catch the pokemon without getting softbanned 🙂

I hope this’ll be enough. Maybe someone can sticky this post so people can stop asking the same questions over and over.