Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Legal Cannabis for Adult Citizens in Canada on October 17, 2018

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that marijuana would be declared legal for adults in Canada on October 17, 2018. It was conveyed during a speech to the Canadian Parliament on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

In his speech, Trudeau hoped that the legalization of marijuana in Canada could provide benefits to the state treasury.

Because, when it was illegal for the past 95 years, a total of billions of Canadian dollars were the profits of marijuana transactions, instead of flowing to dealers, criminal organizations, and the black market. Thus, as quoted from The Guardian, Thursday (06/21/2018).

Later, after the legalization policy has been fully implemented in October 2018, Trudeau said that his administration would immediately regulate the management of transactions and use of commercial marijuana responsibly, and on the one hand, benefit Canada. Therefore, it is hoped that there will be a lot of licensed producers Canada that can bring profits and their use is safe and accountable.

“During the following months and years, we (the government) will almost completely replace the market for organized crime,” he said before the Canadian Parliament.

The prime minister also hopes, with the policy of legalizing marijuana, Maple Country youth can be better protected from and avoid falling into the world of organized crime in narcotics circulation. Because, according to Trudeau, when it was illegal, there was much Canadian youth who were included in the circle of criminal organizations in the distribution of marijuana.

Strict Regulations Still Apply

Initially, the federal government hoped to launch marijuana sales via retail in July this year.

However, Trudeau said, “One of the things we hear very clearly from the provincial government is that they need a certain amount of time until they are truly ready.”

“Manufacturers also need time to be able to really comply with strict regulations. On the one hand, (for the federal government) regulation is something we want to improve.”

After legalization takes effect, Canadians can grow up to a maximum of four cannabis plants in their homes and carry up to 30 grams of dried marijuana for personal use.

They are allowed to store cannabis use devices in private homes and share up to 30 grams among adults.

Residents who are found to have marijuana more than that amount, or who supply it to minors, will face severe penalties.

Canada is the second country in the world to allow marijuana use in all countries, after Uruguay.

Imitating Uruguay

Canada follows the example of Uruguay which legalizes the use and sale of marijuana in all countries. But, in each province will issue separate regulations on the sale of marijuana.

Canada is the largest developed country that ended the ban on marijuana use. In the United States, nine states and the capital city of Washington DC have also legalized marijuana.

The state of California, where one in eight Americans lives has opened the largest legal marijuana market in America since January.