How Some Promotional Products Enhance Security

It is very common for companies to hold or sponsor huge events that attract thousands. While corporate shows and gatherings are essential to good public relations, they can present security problems. Fortunately, businesses that specialize in promotional products offer badge pullers and cases as well as lanyards that simplify some areas of Event Security and may also help brand companies.

Branded Promotional Products Can Increase Safety

Many groups issue employees and visitors custom lanyards that hold event I.D. badges. Lanyards can be ordered in a huge variety of colors and styles and be made from a range of materials. However, they all contain hooks designed to hold I.D. badges, passes and tickets. Commercial customers often order lanyards in different colors so that it is easy to identify various groups. They may be customized and include company information. That can turn them into marketing tools that produce results for a long time, since many people keep free lanyards and re-purpose them for personal uses. Every time they are worn the lanyards help to brand the companies that handed them out.

Badge Cases Help Simplify Security Procedures

In addition to ordering badges and lanyards, companies may also issue a variety of badge cases. They are typically made of sturdy plastic and used to display press, visitor or backstage passes. Security personnel rely on the see-through cases for quick identification of those who have access to specific areas. Some sponsors include custom pullers that are clipped to belts or purses and hold badges. Wearers just pull on them and badges or I.D. cards can be viewed more closely. Many badge pullers are branded with company logos.

Custom Lanyards Are Part of School Safety Programs

In recent years most schools have become extremely security conscious and have installed electronic badge access equipment. Each authorized student, teacher and visitor is granted an I.D. that allows them into areas where they need to be. In many cases the lanyards or even badge holders can include the school name or display school colors. Some are divided into area-specific colors that let administrators quickly see anyone who should not be at an event or in an unauthorized area.

Businesses and organizations such as schools often order custom lanyards, badge cases and badge pullers as part of security programs. The products are designed to display I.D.’s and increase safety. Many are also branded and serve as advertising tools.