3 Careers Tips from Someone With Experience

Tips on Hiring The Right Candidates

The mother of all your survivals is your enterprise or the firm you are working in as a hiring manager. Hiring a wrong candidate may mean a decline in business activities since the candidate is incompetent or lack knowledge. This can also ruin your reputation and the reputation of the company. It may also make you lose your job and some members of the company too. Avoid hiring illegal employees at all cost and follow the right protocol because without money you are a dead animal. Below are some of the things that you are supposed to do to avoid hiring wrong people.

Members of your team should also be part of the discussion. Interview the process is not designed for only the hiring manager to do. This is dangerous as you will only using your view point and judgment which may either be wrong or right. With your team backing you up in the interview process you will get different perspectives thus aids you in making the final right decision. From there you will also be able to tell if his/her personality matches with other members of the company. The candidate will fit better in your business if his personality will be matching with those of your team members. Test the candidate by asking him more difficult questions. To know the preparation, character, and intelligence of the candidate ask tough questions.

Make sure you check the references. References always include the contacts of the former employers or people that may know your candidate better. Call all the referees and get the external viewpoints of the candidate. In case you call don’t hesitate to ask the candidates experience, weakness, strength, skills, punctuality, skills, attendance, and reliability. When you finally make a final judgement with all the external points it will be a good one.

Hiring Manager should also use the resume. The resume will always guide one who the person is, his education, past experiences, achievements, skills, and accomplishments. Besides resume make an additional step to call candidates and ask them unexpected questions. Going extra mile and calling the candidates and asking them questions over the phone will give a clear picture of who the person is as you will be able to judge how they answer questions while under pressure. It is advisable not depend only on resume as this may contain some good number of lies.

The position the candidate is applying for should be at the finger tip of the hiring manager. Knowing the position will make the hiring manager prepare the exact interview questions. With wrong and mixed up interview questions you may fail the candidate that was highly qualified for the position. Testing the skills of the candidate will be very easy with exact interview questions.